BIC Bible Quizzing Photos

For pictures from the 2012 Bible Quizzing Finals, including the final match, visit BIC Bible Quizzing on Facebook!


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Photos from final evening service on Monday

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Photos from Sunday evening service


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Bible Quiz Finals — Online now!

After a full day of head-to-head competition, the Bible Quiz teams from Dillsburg (Pa.) BIC and Five Forks BIC (Waynesboro, Pa.) have made it to the Denominational Quiz Finals, and are currently in overtime. Catch the final moments of the competition and the awards ceremony at the GC 2012 Live Stream.

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Photos from Saturday evening service

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Quizzing Day 2

Day 2 of quizzing offered a tinge of controversy and a smattering of surprises.

The first quiz-related event on the schedule was the coaches and directors meeting. All of the coaches and regional directors present convened to discuss their evaluations of the new rules introduced this year in a trial-run capacity. Though several coaches recapitulated contrasting experiences with the newly implemented rules, all seemed willing to work together toward helping to most fully accomplish the preeminent goal of Brethren in Christ Bible Quizzing: encouraging and aiding the greatest number of young people to learn the most Scripture possible.

The second round of quizzing caused a notable shift in the standings from Day 1. A shakeup in the top three ranking occurred rapidly in the final three quizzes. After the first four contests of the day, Elizabethtown, New Vision, and Five Forks sat atop the standings. While E-town retained its top spot to conclude the day, three quizzes later Cross Roads had captured the second place position and Nappanee the third.  The other five teams finished the round robins in this order:

4. Five Forks

5. New Vision

6. Dillsburg

7. Fairview Avenue

8. Grantham

(See pictures of the teams and today’s action at the BIC Bible Quiz Facebook page

With the quizzing thus far having been so closely contested by many teams of comparable strength, it remains to be seen who will claim hardware when the final questions have been answered on Sunday. Our collection of seasoned and expert officials have remarked about the particular quality of the quizzing at this denominational finals. In that light, we trust that tomorrow’s playoff performances will not disappoint. Keep plugged in to the quiz blog and the live stream video of the final quiz tomorrow (Sunday) evening.

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Engaging our churches — Saturday evening service recap

The message tonight opened with a scene from the movie Titanic (1997). The clip showed a portion of the film depicting the moment when, after ignoring desperate calls for help from those who were left in the water following the sinking, a single lifeboat finally decided to return to see if there were any survivors. These are the tragic reflections offered in the clip by  the character Rose, one of those survivors:

1,500 people went into the sea when Titanic sank from under us. There were 20 boats floating nearby, and only one came back. One. Six were saved from the water, myself included. Six, out of 1,500. Afterward, the 700 people left in the boats had nothing to do but wait . . . wait to die, wait to live, wait for an absolution, which would never come.

Ron Bowell, pastor of CrossRoads Church (Salina, Kans.), brought tonight’s message. It’s easy, Ron said, for people in the Church to be like the people in the Titanic’s lifeboats: Too often, we stay put and ignore the dying around us.  “Do we stay where we are and stay safe, or do we make our way into the thrashing and drowning?” he asked.

Reading from Acts 1:8, Ron shared that this passage indicates that the Church is to serve as a lifeboat, not a luxury liner. The Church does not exist to make people comfortable. In fact, he noted, the Church is often most effective when it’s making people feel the most challenged–when we lay our lives and our traditions on the line.

So how does the Church take the next steps in fulfilling the call to serve as a lifeboat for the dying? One way that Ron described is by planting new churches. “Church plants are 16 times more effective at winning new converts than established churches,” he stated. “We must plant more churches.”

Yet these new churches should not be mere clones of their parent(s); rather, they should be composed of people who look different, dress different, and talk different from their parents. At the same time, they should share the underlying core values held by the parents.

With that, Ron shared an ambitious vision: Every church, a parent or grandparent by 2014. In other words, he called each church to plant or support a new church movement in the next biennium.

“Church planters are the new missionaries,” Ron said. “And we need more missionaries.” In response to this challenge, dozens of men and women walked to the front of the room in order to affirm that this call resonated with them and that they were willing to listen for God’s voice instructing them what the next step would be.

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